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Kotia-cash is an open source cryptocurrency project that aims to help you transfer value, wealth and privacy from your living room to the cloud. Let's make Kotia immortal, let's make Kotia big.
All donations will be invested to develop services, community and developement (ex. list in exchanges, make advertising and so on). Donations are welcome.


Btc: Kotia:

Exchanges and projects

Help us to by listed in DEX , and central Exchanges.
If have a pool/farm platform with good community for sure we want to be part.
Let’s join us community on discord and make it possibile.

Community Manager

Help us to growth community, are welcome community manager in telegram discord channels / groups , and forums.


Kotia it’s not just a coin, we want develop, create applications for example wallets, marketplace, e-shop and increase adoption.
All code is free and present in github.
If you are a developer help us to make Kotia great !

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