• Pure POS (After block 1.000.000)
  • FAST Transactions
  • Anonymous
  • Transparent Ledger
  • Eco Friendly

Algorithm Scrypt Proof of Work and Proof of Stake
Coin name kotia
Coin abbreviation KOT
Public address letter K
Public address letter testnet T
RPC port 46173
P2P port 46174
Block reward 100 coins
Block reward (PoS) 20 coins
Premine 100000 coins
Website URL https://kotia.cash
Github URL https://github.com/kotiacash/kotiacash


Last PoW block block 1000000
Min. stake age 12 hours
Max. stake age Unlimited
Coinbase maturity 20 ( + 1 default confirmation) blocks
Target spacing 2 minutes
Target timespan 10 minutes
Transaction confirmations 6 ( + 1 default confirmation) blocks






Download WALLET kotia.

pub-KEY on git


window qt kotia-qt-windows Signature
windows daemon kotia-daemon-windows Signature
mac qt kotia-qt Signature
linux qt kotia-qt-linux.tar Signature
linux daemon kotia-daemon-linux.tar Signature